Sunday 21 March 2021

Bees, Bugs and Flowers

 I hurt my leg running, and so the last two days have been really annoyingly low energy without me doing anything like proper long walks. I tried to have one this afternoon, but my leg was aching and my stomach was IBS-ing, so I turned round and went back home.

I feel very bloated. Where is my super thin body from the first lockdown!

Goings on in the park today, as a bunch of schoolkids did a balloon release in memory of a 6th former who died suddenly last week. At least it wasn't some idiotic anti lockdown protest, but I was still edgy about it happening. Also, we really need to steer folk away from doing balloon releases, it's a waste of helium and an environmental hazard.

I know, all judgemental. 

Not cold today, but not very bright. Still, I saw my first 7 spot ladybird, and the blossom is smelling wonderful, it's really at its peak now. Few bumbles around, no honeybees and we need a much brighter and warmer day to see any brimstone butterflies. 

I hope I feel in better shape when it comes.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 21.03.21


  1. Lovely photos! Apart from blackthorn, our more showy blossoms aren't out yet!

    Hope you feel better soon

  2. Some grand photos there. I went out this morning in warm Spring sunshine and returned an hour or two later in a biting wind.

  3. Right there with you on balloon releases. Silly fashion. There are genuinely better ways to celebrate a life and honour their memory.