Thursday 15 November 2018

Yet More Stunning Skies

WE have been really spoiled this autumn, skywise.

My right foot hasn't been spoiled however; with my heel still sore, the slight alteration of my walking seems to have given me a set of mighty blood blisters on the ball of self same foot. Irritating and now causing other mischief too.

I'm using cycling  and exercise bikes to stay fit but  feel very podgy.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 15.11.18


  1. You really do take great photos.

  2. Super images Si!

    Ouch...I hope your heel heals soon!

  3. Thank you all, so grey today though, nothing to see at all but mizzle

  4. Lovely Sunset shots. Really dull and overcast here these past two days.

  5. I like that beetroot coloured sky in the second one down! You could sprinkle some freshly grated horseradish on them for a real kick. Hope you are soon on the mend. My blood blister on right hallux took about 6 weeks to fall off and reveal my new layer of skin. It's red but I expect it'll fade. Injuries are nothing if not interesting. Great topics of conversation in the days when I used to run with a club. Now I talk to myself when my running. Today for instance I was saying something like '48 minutes that's not bad,' when I was overtaken by a mountain biker who gave me a strange look. C'est la vie sportif.

  6. Hello Simon, your pictures are lovely, and I agree, what great skies we've been having. I saw one through the window of the office where I work yesterday, and drew my colleagues' attention to it - it was pale blue and pink. You'll be hoping for clear skies, perhaps, for observing?