Sunday 4 November 2018

Blisters and Bruised Heels

Well, I've had two walks today for a total of about three hours outside, on a mild day with the sort of light refreshing rain I actually rather like.

I can't run at the moment due to this heel pain I've got at the moment, perhaps plantar fascitis. I thought I'd be  ok to walk though, however, I'm now pretty sore and  just to add to the irritation I'm sporting a blister on my heel.

I'm really hoping my winter training is not going to be ruined by injury, as tendonitis ruined it last winter.

Oh yep, I've been bitten on the wrist by a gnat as well, I noticed them flying around my garden in the mizzley afternoon.

Today, I just took a few photographs of what I saw as I  walked around. Nothing spectacular.


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