Monday 12 November 2018

Evening Skyscapes

After my tumultuous floor mopping exploits yesterday, I was rather knackered today and knowing I was going to have a workout in the evening - 65 minutes on the exercise bike - I took it easy and ended up repeatedly falling asleep while watching Hugh Jackman in "Logan".

Eventually I went out to  sort some library books out, and enjoyed the crescent moon, joined nearby by planet Saturn as the evening darkened.

I may do some astronomy later, or carry on watching Luther boxsets.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 12.11.18


  1. As always great photos. I should do more sky watching at night. We have wonderful clear skies and Northern Lights often.

  2. Love Luther.

    Beautiful second image.

  3. Get out while the sky is clear, Simon! We had reasonable skies last night when my partner was dhowing some constellations (and Mars) to our local Cub scouts group.

  4. Thank you all, was a bit cold last night for a long look, but I did gaze for a bit

  5. Lovely sky - good luck with the astronomy. Do you do astrophotography, or do you prefer observing?