Tuesday 13 November 2018

Let there be More Light

Lights for a certain time of the year are appearing in town, a time I  tend not to acknowledge in my personal life until December 1st, when I put that particular Waitresses song on.

However, of  course towns must make preparations, and so they are doing here. The lights shouldn't actually be  on that, but they have to test them. This has the added benefit of driving the violent gobby kids out of town centre.

They look fabulous! They always do.


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  1. Very pretty.
    I love white lights at Christmas.

  2. They look lovely. I visited a certain supermarket earlier this week and horror of horrors they are already putting up a "C" tree in the store :(

  3. So pretty. I associate lights very much with the magic of Christmas. As a child, it was a treat to be allowed, occasionally, by my parents, to turn off the main light and watch the Christmas tree lights shining in the darkness.