Monday 5 November 2018

OK, Let's go for a Ride

So, buggered heels and blistered feet aren't affected by cycling, so I decided more or less on the spare of the moment to go out on my clunky old mountain bike, on the old favourite Cotham - Elston - Thorpe route, a hack of about 23km.

Took me just over an hour, and was highly enjoyable. I was looking for winter thrushes and didn't see a single one, but there were some nice flocks of chaffinch ransacking the berries in the hedgerows.

In the ploughed fields herring and black backed gulls hulked about, looking for whatever pickings they may. No buzzards or owls - thought I might see an early owl on the move as the light was fading.

So nothing major seen, but I was glad to be riding again.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 05.11.18


  1. I do like the way you always back up your narrative with a picture or two Si. I keep looking for the winter thrushes. I suppose they are here by this time but I haven't seen them either.

  2. Your birds yesterday were Rooks. We have lots of Redwings now. Not in our garden but round about.

  3. That's a lovely neat little church. Winter thrushes always seem to be very timid when they first arrive and keep well away from people. Later on they get bolder, or perhaps hungrier, and can be seen more easily.

  4. Yes, that's Thorpe church there. It's unusual to see fieldfare in town unless it gets really cold, but redwing show up as time goes by

  5. The little church is really pretty.
    Cycling is the most civilised way to move around, not quite as civilised as walking but faster. :D

  6. I love the turbines, they are precious for everyone.

  7. Pretty church.

    Strangely I have not seen any Redwing or Fieldfare so far this year.

    Normally there are flocks around by now along with other Thrushes.

  8. Sorry to hear about your heel, Si. I've heard and seen a few fieldfare about but not many yet. Perhaps it's not cold enough.

  9. Sorry you haven't seen the winter thrushes yet, I thin they're all in Cammo Country Park near Edinburgh!