Thursday 1 November 2018

Sleeping Invader

Came across this hibernating harlequin ladybird at work today. I doubt it  will be able to sleep here on a window sill regularly patrolled by our cleaners, but I hope it can find a quiet spot.

A passing Polish girl said "Don't they live for the number of years as they have spots?" - I told her if that was true this ladybird was going to live a very long time!


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  1. Apparently there have been an amazing number of ladybirds this year. Not sure why. But good.

  2. I have a couple of those in my spare room - not much danger from cleaners in there!

  3. I love most ladybirds but Harlequins are bad news sadly. I love the idea that a ladybird might live for the same number of years as it has spots

  4. Thank you all! I was happy to see it,invader or not

  5. In recent winters Harlequins have found their way into our bathroom to hibernate. Love the suggestion that ladybirds might live the same number of years as their spots.