Sunday 27 August 2017

No Cricket but Biking Instead

I  could have played cricket today, for the local side Upton in a friendly match, but frankly after the long season my back and left leg were very sore after yesterday's match. , I tried to have a bit of a run about but it was very very sore, so I had to cancel.

Skip won't be pleased about that. Neither was I, as it was a great day for cricket, and Upton is a nice ground.

So had to make the best of it, and decided to take a rare opportunity to cycle for pleasure on a nice day for it, for a bloody change.

I took myself out into the country lanes, listening to the cricket on Test Match Special, and enjoying the sun on my arms and legs. I visited the Sibthorpe Dovecote, a scheduled  ancient monument that had over 1000 nest holes inside it, and the Flintham Community shop where a can of San Pellegrino orange and pomengranate went down incredibly well.

Their drinks can rightly take their place alongside Barrs, and if they are reading this they can feel free to send me some free products!

When I got back, I wanted to have a serious read in the garden, but ended up falling asleep in my sun chair. Almost like the middle aged man I am.


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  1. Riding your bike around the nature reserves is awesome, much better than playing cricket, ha ha.

  2. Realising how much other stuff I was missing was one of the reasons I gave up paying cricket. That and being no bloody good at it....

  3. Sounds like a good day Si. No point in playing cricket if your body is telling you not to.

  4. Looks a lovely place to visit - love the church :)

  5. It was nice to be able to have a ride around on a nice day