Friday 18 August 2017

Marathon Crowds

This is a taster for when the Tour of Britain comes to town in a couple of weeks - gosh so soon!

Ive managed to lobby work to support my idea we should have a PR and recruitment stand there, which I'm pretty pleased about, and I'm trying to get some outgoing folk at work to act as "Race Makers" - i.e. marshals. One of them is my Tourette colleague - we set each other off like mad - but he has a much more outgoing personality.

Isn't hard.

He's also better looking.

Isn't hard either.

Anyway, big time for me, hope it works out for me.


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  1. Good idea. Hope the weather is kind. If it's on Eurosport I can watch.

  2. Good luck with your recruitment stand Si! I hope you get lots of support and sunshine before and on the day!

  3. Hope all goes well for you on the big day.