Thursday 3 August 2017

I'm not Very Good at Weeding

Took an hour to work in my herb garden today, noticing how bloody weed choked the whole thing is.

I don't actually have any tools to do this, so went out there with a pair of work issue gloves, and found myself rummaging in the wet, claggy soil trying to dig out dandelion roots which seemed to go on forever into the dirt, and wrapping my hands round thistles out of that thing we call stupidity.

I possess much of it.

Anyway, I managed to clean out a small area before the rain came, and I headed inside.

Today was a good day. I sorted out important cycling matters related to the Tour of Britain. I spoke to people miles above me as an equal. This was important.


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  1. Nothing wrong with that Si - your garden looks lovely.

  2. Thanks Pat! A little fork will help immensely however!

  3. It's been a grand year - for weed growth.

  4. weeds are just plants in the wrong place and some of them are fine to have in the garden (though thistles and dendelions can be problematic! Your garden looks lovely