Saturday 19 August 2017

Autumnal Cricket

Brrrrr, shiver shiver shiver.

Let's how we felt today, as we went out to Dale Field to play Whatton and Aslockton, a jolly bunch of chaps who like to take cans of beer to games, and indeed turned up today with what appeared to be an old style Watney's Red Barrel Party 7.

We were much more pro. We just ate jaffa cakes and ate Sensation crisps while waiting to bat.

For bat first we did, and on a super wickets, we did well to get to 168-6 off 40. Of course, I didn't bat, so I dressed up warm and walked the ground. The trees at the allotment end are laden with big, red apples, and sweet chestnut trees are similarly fruitful.

Autumn lurks, and today we felt its cold hand upon our bodies as it blasted us with a freezing wind. At least it blew the showers away.

We bowled superbly of course, to leave the opposition 56 all out. All our victims were bowled, but I was disappointed to only take 1 of them, despite the fact I was swinging the ball around a lot. I just always had the best batsman to bowl at, the one who scored a century last time. Although I got the other good bat out with a Wasim Akram style inswinger (at a tenth of the pace!).

Three victories for our teams today, a major major day.


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  1. "Brrrrr, shiver shiver shiver." So what must it be like to come from Barbados and find yourself playing cricket at 9.00pm ! They were probably glad to get it finished so quickly.

  2. There always seems to be too much standing around in cricket for me Si.
    But as usual it gave you plenty of time to take some stunning photographs.

  3. THank you both, it's been a much nicer day today!