Monday 21 August 2017

An Ashy Mining Bee?

There's a three story Georgian terrace near me that has a garden I've long admired from a distance but I've never taken a look at until today.

It's a bee paradise, with loads of them on the flowers. Interesting to see solitary bee species on there, and what could be my first ashy mining bee, although I'm not sure. THe smell of the fluffy yellow flowers was overpowering, no wonder bees were swarming on it.

UPDATE no it isn't but it's an unfamiliar bumble whatever.

It's a plant with another sweet cloying scent, like buddleia.

I'm glad I went and had a look. It disrupted my run, but that was rubbish anyway as I have a very stiff backside!


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  1. Lovely! Did u find out the species?

  2. What a beautiful front garden - no wonder the bees love it :)

  3. I think the yellow plant is golden rod, but a horticulturist might say differently. It tends to go fluffy as it 'goes over'.
    Margaret P

  4. I've never found that species, no-one on Instagram said anything!

  5. Beautiful front garden. Hubby and I often comment when driving that you don't see many places with pretty front gardens any more. Lovely photos.