Wednesday 16 August 2017

More Weeding and Wondering

Managed to get out for 90 minutes to carry on digging the weeds out of the herb garden area at work - sheesh, dandelions are sods. Their roots seem to go down about 6 feet! And when you get rid of them, there's plenty of small, easy to remove but ultimately just as back breaking little plants with feathery root systems.

Found a cockchafer larva yesterday, ugh, what a horrible thing. Like what the evil bioscience company owner in "The Fly 2" ends up looking like.

I'm surprised no robins have come over to watch me dig, I am unearthing quite a few grubs and worms and ants nests. The best bird visitors I have are dunnocks who come and visit the other half of the garden, eating spillage from the feeders from the ground.

No kestrels hovering today!

Weeding going much faster now I'm using a spade, which I admit is a bit clodhopping but I've got nothing else. Been offered use of a fork tomorrow by an engineer however, that might help a lot.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 16.08.17


  1. Beautiful photos!
    Often I google things I don't know but I'm not going to google "cockchafer larva". :)

  2. Look at the blue on that tort! Well done on the bed prep.

  3. Nice to get a bit of gardening done, beautiful photo of the butterfly...
    Amanda xx

  4. Great to do the gardening. Lovely small tortoiseshell

  5. Lovely photos.. those cockchafer larva are awful looking things aren't they!

  6. THose larvae are grightening, they get bigger than the one I saw as well. Ugh.

  7. What a beautiful Small Tortie - have seen far too few of these so far this year...