Friday 25 August 2017

Gardening for Sanity

Been a very busy day today, as organising Tour of Britain related stuff far too quickly with far too little time left has been a bit of a stresser.

Luckily I was able to take time out for an hour to finish off digging out all the major weeds from my garden...up rooting dandelion with their tuber like roots that go on miles deep.

Wonder if they are edible???

The thistles too are a knotty problem, but other stuff was far easier to handle. I'm still leaving the borage in as the bees love it. Lots of common carder and honey bee around while I was forking away. A robin even came to watch me, but not too close.

Then I went inside and found a moth like a bit of wood on the stair carpet.


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  1. That moth on the stair carpet is a bit scary (I have a phobia about them).

  2. I love moths! Released one from the flat this morning!