Friday 4 September 2015

Who Turned Autumn On?

Today was a bitter day, with the familiar weather theme of 2015, the chilly north-westerly, much in evidence as I limped along in my running shorts. My legs were so covered in goosebumps even the geese were afraid of me.

But if you aren't out there, you aren't going to see anything, so with any long distance adventures postponed due to pain, I just trotted around the two lakes and the castle. 

The best thing I saw was a glorious bright yellow orb spider, its bulging abdomen the colour of a lemon. Sadly, the camera refused to focus on it; even the compact on macro setting can't handle small things hanging in mid air. Luckily, the shield bug near by was a much easier target. 

It was cold for nature today. Everything was hiding!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 04.09.15

In bloom on London Road

Geese on the water

Geese on land

Some kind of trefoil, or a yellow vetch?

The only duckling I've seen this year. And so late too

Off for a swim

Like the runner, going to seed

Colour by the river

Cruising in formation

White berries

Carder bee, the dominant bumble on view at the moment

Beautiful shield bug. Not sure which species.


  1. Haven't seen that type of shield bug. I only seem to get the green ones.

    As for the weather, for the past few years we seem to crash from Summer to Autumn.

  2. Are we on the Trent here in that watery picture?
    That trefoil is stunning.

  3. Great selection of photos from your run. Common Carder bees the most frequently seen here too!

  4. Love the pic of the boats. Chillier here too now. Think your shieldbug is either a Mottled or a Hairy.

  5. Thank you for your comments. It was only a shade better today, a few large whites were to be seen. I never see green shield bugs, only brown ones lol!