Tuesday 1 September 2015

Devon Sojourn 3 - High on Hatherleigh Hill

After the first reservoir, came the second. And after the second reservoir came a trip up to the pretty village of Hatherleigh. Up being the operative word, because this is another sky scraping place, reached by a ladder like road I kept trying to imagine cycling up.

At the top of the village, was the former market garden-cum-nursery home of an entirely formidable couple with a combined age of 187. It may no longer have been used for commercial purposes, but it was still a jungle of apples at the back, and vegetable beds up the side.

Wasps had colonised the bird box, but luckily the garden was an avian paradise anyway. A bird feeder under the kitchen window was sheltered in a magnolia, offering great views of sparrows, tits, and a spectacular nuthatch, characteristically feeding upside down, I was told.

Outside swallows were plentiful, and honeybees and bumblebees fed on a rampant hydrangea and other garden flowers. The sweet peas smelt like they'd been picked on Olympus, and Le Crunch Bunch of days of yore could not have eaten all the apples in the orchard even if they'd had all eternity.


All text and images Copyright CreamCrackeredNature 01.09.15

Stripey squatters

Nuthatch. Sorry that the pictures were taken through a window

Sneaky blue tit

Busy on the feeder

Carder bee

Still blooms to feed off

Sunflower bees

Fiery colours

Great tit now on the feeder

Moon over the moors


  1. If you think the road to Hatherliegh is steep you should drive up the hill to BRIDFORD. I remember lads driving up backwards because it was a low gear.

  2. Thanks for dropping in! I didn't fancy walking up that hill, let alone cycling up it!