Sunday 20 September 2015

Life on the Railway Line

Well not on the railway line, rather by it, as I trotted slowly along the Sustrans 64 cycle path, snuffling all the while like a hedgehog, throwing in the odd cough like a moose. I really am a silly boy sometimes, but I get cross if I can't get out there.

You'd think everything would be as dead as doornails along there this time of year, unless you were a fan of berries, but there was a surprising amount of wildflowers in recent bloom, as well as a fair few buddleias hanging on in.

It was noticeable that the buddleias seemed to have lost of their cloying scent, however. They were a godsend for a few vigorously fluttering red admirals, however the peacocks you'd expect to see were not evident at all. They have really had a dreadful year, especially in the second flight.

There seems to be a lot of toadflax around this year, a species I've not really noticed along here before with its bright yellow snapdragon flowers. Ox eye daisies are still in bloom, and bizarrely there was some bramble blossom out in places. Heaven knows why. Certainly the brambles were a major problem today, I twice got my leg ripped as I went butterfly stalking off the track.

I'm examining the 6 inch long scratch now.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 20.09.15

I got my legs ripped for this rubbish shot

Thick fluff

Horse tails

Ox eye daisies. A pleasure.

Hoverfly on ragwort

Blackberries in the fence

Red admiral

Took a while for it to open its wings


Newark Northgate station


  1. Hope the leg is healing. Still some Small White caterpillars on my nasturtiums, but few butterflies on the wing. Thank you for your comments.

  2. As with us here Si - there is absolutely no shortage of thistles and therefore thistle seeds - and thereford plenty of goldfinches around. Love that toadflax

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I believe there are a number of different bramble plants which flower and fruit at different times. Nice to see the flutters.

  4. Some nice images Simon.
    lovely to see the butterflies, they have been in short supply this year (in my garden)
    Really like the stands of pretty.

  5. Toadflax having a bumper sort of year too, lots of it about! THanks for your comments everyone, really appreciate it. Got a nasty old cold on, no running but a cycle for me today.

  6. Love the old railway station and all the other photos you took were lovely too.

  7. Hope you feel better soon. I've often seen bramble in flower at the same time as picking blackberries :) Love the Toadflax - spotted lots recently growing on a motorway verge whilst being stuck in a traffic jam!!