Wednesday 9 September 2015

I Love my Pictorial Miscellania...

...they tide me over in the grim days on shift when I can't get out and take photographs and enjoy the outdoors, and sit and have a cup of tea in the park.

These on shift days are made for day dreaming, for wondering which city I might contemplate living in - Norwich was looking favourite until last night, bah humbug person specs - imagining sudden escapes to John O'Groats with a tent, a rucksack and a death wish, and planning trips on my bicycle and in my running shoes for my downtime.

Of more moment is how I can replace my camera in a hurry, for I can't go back to these terrible mobile phone pictures for long. I think a second hand compact is the way forward, from a well known pawnbrokers perhaps.

Beggars cannot be choosers...


Lesser yellow underwing moth acting as smoke alarm

Retro tricycles anyone?

The sun came out on Sunday. It looked rather like this

Huge queen bumble on the feed

Small tortoiseshell on marigold

Sconce Park in the warm

Bleached out moth on the door

Low down Burton's sign

Flowers by the river

Carder bee. Love this shot.

Apparently "Ironing Shops" now exist

Love what the mysterious "X Process" filter has done to this flower!


  1. Si you have certainly left me in no doubt that there is still plenty of colour about in the Newark area (an area I know very well).

  2. Thanks! Making the most of it while I may. Looks like a lovely day outside, but I'm stuck in here grrrr.

  3. Love all of the colours in these photos Simon, especially the flowers and the butterflies - it's always nice to get out and see a whole host of different creatures! - Tasha

  4. Thanks Natasha, I shamelessly played with filters on a few of them a little. Well, the pros do it, so why shouldn't I!