Thursday 24 September 2015

Whinging Towards Glory

With my 42km (26 miles, 385 yards, 6 tanks of oxygen, 50kg of traction) marathon upcoming in late November, I'm really struggling with my training. It is getting my down just a tiny bit.

Before May, I was running really well in the main. 51 minute 10km up hill and down, er, hill. Hitting the cross country, loving my nature, and being able to keep pace with butterflies racing me along the hedgerow.

That was before my return to cricket in May.

My first match, before I had even bowled, I gave myself a double groin strain running between the wickets. The next day, a big "n" shape of pain wrapped its way from thigh to thigh across my stomach. Everytime I coughed or sneezed, it was agony.

Being the sort of person blessed with reasonable determination, and a higher amount of stupidity, I've battled through the summer, in various twinges of pain, and by August thought I'd worked my way through the worst of it. My running pace was still off, but I was reasonably pain free and able to do a 15 mile run at one point.

Then I played the last cricket match of the season, and despite all the stretches, all the warm ups, hurt myself again. Rested up, went running the other day, and am now spotrting a sore achilles, sore thighs, and that swine of a groin and stomach pain again. Whinge whinge whine whine limp limp.

If I was in "Animal Farm" I would have beaten Boxer to the glue factory by months.

The marathon looms. I think I might have to trim it back to a half on the day, much to my frustration. I keep forgetting I'm middle aged.


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  1. Ouch! You have my sympathy. I reckon the time has come for intervention.... physiotherapy, perhaps?
    P.S. Wise decision to go with the leg rather than groin for the photograph!