Friday 25 September 2015

A Donald Rudd Refresher

I'm going to be heading up back to my Scottish hometown in a couple of weeks time.

Kirkcudbright is famous for three things; how you pronounce its name, the Wicker Man movie connection - more of that later on - and its artists.

One of these artists was Donald Rudd. He wasn't anywhere near as famous as a Hornel, largely because as an online bio said he was rather given to "improving" his paintings after a long evening at one of the local hostelries. But I never knew Hornel, although he painted my Auntie Bella for a few bananas, while Donald was a good friend, a great bear of a sailor who taught me about The Great Bear in the sky.

I wrote about him here last year, before many of you followed this blog.

My friend Donald



  1. So - how do you pronounce Kirkcudbright?
    BTW - love Donald's painting that you show in your earlier post.

  2. We stayed near Kirkcudbright (cur-coo-bree?) a few years ago- a lovely part of the world.

  3. Kirk-oo-bree indeed, where Edward Woodward once stalked the streets looking for victims of pagan sacrifice...

  4. Ooh The Wicker Man - just thinking of that film gives me the shudders - really frightening I thought :(