Monday 21 September 2015

The Escape from the Rain

Today was mainly pretty darn miserable. It was the sound of rain battering down my window from my slightly leaky guttering that woke me up, and it was this same persistent scudding sound that dogged my entire day as I tried to read.

Iain M. Banks Culture novels are tricky enough without a tropical rainstorm hammering down outside.

I was fretful and prowling, too much energy needing burning off. But eventually the rain relented, and a magic weather front of blue sky made its way over from the South West, and I was able to get out on the bike, new Trespass trousers aboard my legs.

I wasn't meaning to go that far, but eventually ended up going 25 or so km on a foray over the border into Lincolnshire. First I went to Claypole, where the willow tree hung greenly over the River Witham as it has done for many years.

Next up, I was cycling through the village when a sign marking a "Solar Park" caught my attention, and soon I could see the glittering solar panels in the far distance. This was the new, and still under construction, Copley Solar Farm, which at 30MW has way more capacity than the Hawton one you cycle past on the Sustrans 64. Evidently the farmers who own the land don't think beef and arable farming are any longer sustainable there.

A legbreaker of a climb - luckily a short one - brought me into Dry Doddington village on my trip on what were all new roads to me. The major landmark here is the church of St James, with it's noticeably leaning 14th century tower.

From here it was across to Stubton, where I found myself entranced by a rainbow like hedge, before dragging my stiff legs home into the breeze. Luckily the sight of a few swallows and martins still around in the villages kept me going.

I'd certainly burnt my energy off. I was indeed CreamCrackered at the end of the ride!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 21.09.15

First thing; a glittery spider web

Good weather front approaches! Time to be out.

The Witham at Claypole

Copley Solar Farm

The leaning tower of Dry Doddington

St James' tower, complete with jackdaw

The far off flatlands of Lincolnshire

Illuminated streetsign - I love these olde worlde ones

Golden hedge, and dark knight


  1. Lovely description of your ride and great photos to illustrate it.

  2. Thank you very much, but oh jeez it tired my legs out! I'm still a bit off form with the illness.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Simon. Looks a lovely ride and great photos. Would like to visit the church.

  4. It's an old one, 12th century nave to go with the 14th century tower

  5. I particularly like the spider's web photo! And, wow, that hedge is looking autumnal already.

  6. Thank you Caroline, the mobile phone cam finds spiders, and their webs, a real challenge to focus on. The hedge was so vivid, pretty sure there is no filtering on that shot!