Wednesday 2 September 2015

Devon Sojourn 4 - A Mobile Miscellania

I also made sure I took a lot of pictures on my mobile phone too on my Devon trip. They are lower quality than the compact shots, but I still got some good ones! Putting these in for the sake of completeness for you, and also there are more shots of some of the stunning scenery around where we were staying in Okehampton.

Please enjoy! I'm busy planning adventures in my familiar Nottinghamshire stamping ground to see what late summer / early autumn might bring.


All images and text copyright CreamCrackeredNature 02.09.15

Bull Ring close up on the way
Great Bristol House
The far hills
Lush landscape
Very odd and tatty looking holly blue
Speckled wood
Tall tors
From the viaduct
Along the Melford valley
Babbling brook
Water drips down
Flowery boat at Roadford
Martin nest at Hatherleigh


  1. I have enjoyed your Devon tour - it is years since I was there - too far to travel from up here these days.

  2. THanks, it was quite emotional to be there after so long!