Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mr Bee Says "Spring has Sprung"!

I've been on both walking and running duty today, on what has been a glorious day, highly pleasant in the sun if you can escape from the wind.

Certainly two bees agreed, for they were out harvesting the cemetery crocuses, and getting well sprinkled in rich yellow pollen. They were slightly slower moving than usual this early in the season, or else I suspect I'd never have been able to catch them on the wing. Terrible Motorola phone camera notwithstanding and for which I apologise endlessly until the death of the Universe, I'm quite pleased by how these pictures have turned out.

On the decision of some telepathic bee council of Britain, it has been declared the Spring has Sprung, because I've seen so many reports and photographs of bees and bumbles on the wing today.

I hope spring has arrived where you are too!


Think I'll give this one a miss

Not so keen on this one either

OK, where too next?

This one looks good


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