Saturday, 14 March 2015

Distant Bumbles in the Freezing Wind

Confession...I failed to get up in time for Parkrun.

So after a couple of hours spent in the library studying my Futurelearn film-making course, I waited for the sun to come out before risking the cold wind. The birds are very busy in the garden, with chaffinch, blue, great, and long tailed tits and what might have been a female blackcap at work in the holly and the sycamore.

The robin however refused its photo opp, and was thus loudly booed before I headed off.

It wasn't the longest run I've ever done, 7km or so, but that is still more than the 5km I would have done at Parkrun. Only a lot slower, for the wind was strong and biting, and my legs were a shade stiff after 12.5km yesterday.

I didn't think I'd see anything today, but in the exotic surroundings of the centre of the Hawtonville estate, I saw a buzzy black shape a few metres away, spiralling wildly in the wind. It was a bumblebee of some description - or rather, at this distance, no description at all - almost a certainly a queen looking for a home as they do this time of year.

I hope it found one too, it was far too cold to be an outside bumble today!


Daffodils now supplanting the crocuses in the cemetery


Daffs naturally grow in curves, you know

Sun illuminates Sconce Park

And...some bonus images.

Renovation of Blockbusters has revealed this great old sign

Forgot the art deco windows of the Children's Society shop!


  1. Not the right thing to say really , but the cemetery looks lovely...
    Amanda xx

  2. It is lovely, and historic. I find it offers the best place to watch winter go through spring into early summer...if you go back a year in my blog there are similar, yet subtley different pictures of the cemetery then. And 2013 as well.

  3. We are Park Runners too. Well, I say 'we'- my husband runs them regularly and so far I have done one! Good to hear about the Bumble, they are out here but sporadically because the temp keeps fluctuating.