Thursday, 26 March 2015

Bees, Grapes, and Bells of Blue

Today was an opportunity to take advantage of a half day off, and get out in 1) The afternoon sun, and 2) The freezing afternoon wind. After a soaking first thing this morning on the bike, the sight of sun was welcome, but it was nothing compared to the wind, and my stiff legs were no match for it.

So I just ran round the two lakes, with plenty of photography stops, before heading through the Forgotten Reserve and Friary Road park. I've only been trapped inside for three days, but the rain of this morning and the sun of the afternoon seems to have woken up the world.

On my run today, dog violet, grape hyacinth and Spanish bluebell were all seasonal debutantes, as well as an unidentified dandelion like flower on the shores of Balderton Lake. But today's prize was my first good look at a bumblebee for 2015.

It was a big queen buff or white tail, looking for a nest hole in Friary Road park at the base of the Sleaford Road wall amid a sea of squill. Of course, it wouldn't let itself be photographed willingly, but I managed to snap it as it explored some leaf litter.

A welcome sight indeed, and it ushers in a new season of photographing buzzers, flutterers, and things that bumble along. Happy hunting to you all!


Squill circle in the cemetery

Old gravestone

Drrunken tomb

Stumped tree

I thought you got maggots in the grave, not on it

Dog violets are out at Balderton Lake

Hissing interlopers

Unknown yellow flowers. Rather too close to the lake on a steep slope...

Bit choppy on the water today

DANGER! - Willow catkins

Honk when you're in love

Mildew Bridge


Coot giving me the evil eye

Good idea

Grape hyacinth

White bluebell

Big queen bumble seeks home

Spanish bluebell, I think

White bluebells


  1. Yes indeed the mixed weather seems to have kick started things a tad. The unknown yellow flower is, I believe, Colt's-foot...only know this because I came across it on my jaunt in Nercwys forest the other day and had to look it up. And the litter picking? What a bloody good idea indeed, a pity there is a need for it though!

  2. My Grape Hyacinths are flowering but it will a while before my Bluebells show any colour.

  3. I must get out and about more and find a few colourful early Spring wildflowers as you have Si! I agree with John in that the yellow flowers are Coltsfoot, the flowers appear well before the leaves.

    A great set of photo's!

  4. Thanks for the coltsfoot id folks, I'm no botanist! Bit more colour starting to appear in the world, and I photographed some more today. Spot the idiot fail above though - I captioned a picture as "white bluebell" instead of "white squill"