Friday, 27 March 2015

Blossom versus Blossom

Figured amongst all this chiffery, this little footnote needed a post of its own.

I was busy investigating the blossom in the Sconce Park orchard for bumbles and bees, when I realised I was dealing with two different types. One is somewhat denser, has green stamen but above all smells positively glorious!

The other has a slightly warmer hue, pinky brown stamen and despite having no odour, seems to attract more honey bees!

Now what am I dealing with here? Elder and Apple? Elder and Cherry?

I have no idea! But hopefully soon, both sets will be alive with bees and butterflies obliging the camera.



  1. Hmm.. definitely not elderflower ( it's too early and the blossoms would be smaller). I always look at the tree bark.. if it has horizontal rings/markings it's probably cherry (or plum/damson maybe) otherwise it's likely to be apple :)

  2. Ooh - good tip I shall look the next time I run by. Well I'll stop you know, I won't try and identify them on the hoof!