Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Danger! Robin at Work!

A little bonus update for you here, just to show you the little red breasted builder collecting nesting material from next to my neighbour's bins. The nest site seems to be at middling height somewhere in a big ivy bush on the back fence.

The bird was entirely happy for me to watch at a range of about three metres, but this is as close as I can get even at maximum crop zoom on my mobile phone camera. How I envy folk with nice cameras! I could get something perfectly acceptable for not that much, but it would need a new compute to go with it - this little linux netbook is not up to picture editing, and I'm not sure my old XP laptop will work with modern cameras.

Pity I can't draw very well!

There's also been blackbirds content to trot about on the wet grass in between invigorating sessions of hurling leaf litter around.

And finally, my folk's lawn has erupted with primroses, and blackbirds seem to be nesting in the cloud trees rather than the pergola this year.

Hopefully great tits will nest in the outhouse again. I'm going to give reduce tuna consumption in favour of sardines, even though I can't cook.

The wind blows, but life warms up, and goes on.


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