Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Walk in the Spring

My encounter with the first working bees of the year really did deserve its own post, I felt, but it was far from the only thing I saw today. It was but a small part of a four mile walk, a search for signs of spring, a search for bees, bumbles and butterflies, for flowers, and for life, light and warmth in general.

I certainly found them, but amidst all the beauty there was the ugly side of modern life. You can't take nature for granted for a second.


Warming Rays

Crocus row

A beautiful bed of cemetery crocuses

Crocus close up

Still plenty of snowdrops too

Sundial says 2pm. It was half an hour out

Mossy grave

The new sports hub under construction

The news making dump of bags of unknown waste, under council investigation and decried by locals as an eyesore

Moss, er, side?

Sconce orchard, and the first blossom of the year

Daffs now out in the oak wood

River Devon

Objective in sight


  1. Love the nature photos Simon and do hope they can get rid of those unidentified bags. How great to see the crocus bloom. Can'[t wait to see them here.

  2. Thanks, the next flower in the spring queue are daffodils. Then, the beautiful bluebells, and they are very photogenics

  3. Great set of photos, get's me really cross when people dump still holding out for a few more sunny days here.
    Amanda xx

  4. Waste disposal is a lucrative business here, and a lot of people aren't too picky about what they dispose of, and how...

  5. A lovely selection of photos :) Glad you saw some bees too - you're right it was the day of the bees :)