Saturday, 28 March 2015

Gale Force Parkrun

Whereas last week a freezing cold wind was blasting down the Newark Parkrun course from the North, this week it was a slightly warmer gale blustering in from the South.

And yes, there was a chiff chaff singing its heart out in the park again, this time over by the bank of trees overlooking Devon Pasture. I could hear it over the sound of Rev. Richard Coles interviewing Jason Donovan on Radio 4.

Parkrun is a strange event for me. Even after dragging myself out of bed at 8am, I swear I will always take it very easy and just trot round the 5km. But as soon as the hooter goes - a recent innovation - it's like the Pamplona Bull Run, and we descend down the hill like maniacs, myself among them. Today I was in the heady position of fourth place after a hundred metres, before the usual procession of elderly folk, young children, pushchair pushers and women being towed by dogs made their way past me.

Alright, I'm being a mite harsh on myself, although the dog thing is true. I came 16th in the end, in 24.08. Not too bad for the time of year, and luckily the wind was on our backs on the long second part of the lap.

What a wind it was! By the time I had cleared the finish and was sat at Rumbles with my tea and scone complete with concrete butter pat, the trees were bending, the flags were fluttering and a kite was flying in mesmerisingly crazy way.

That inspired me. I thought I would try and take a few photographs - a still medium - to illustrate a moving one, namely wind. They could have turned out far better, but there just weren't enough billowing plastic bags to chase.

Which is a good thing, really.


Windswept at the start

The agonising (for me) finishing drag

Kite striving to escape earthly bonds

Sconce Park flag

Town hall. The lion at left is a very mangey specimen

Church flag wildly a-flutter

Holly tree bends in the wind


  1. Well done on the run, braver man than me...
    Amanda xx

  2. Thanks, not a bad race for me that one. Had a much more gentle 10km today, as you will see