Thursday 2 October 2014

On the Run from Newark to Southwell

At last, I ran the whole path from Newark to Southwell, home of the Bramley apple and my Alma mater.

Only I didn't.

I did well, following the route I'd been told about until well past Kelham, but then bad signposting of the path and my own idiocy took me off course through a field and into a nursery corn field full of pheasant and partridge.

It was round here I noticed the stunning white rump of a wheatear, a late migrant, in the farmer's field with the cows.

Ran out eventually through a smelly farm, and after a frightening stretch down the A617, found myself back on the right route again.

This was the best part of the run, high upon the hill with fantastic views. However, after reaching Upton, went off course again and found myself on the fairway at Rolleston golf course, and taking a close look at Southwell race course.

Still a few red admirals and whites on the wing, and plenty of common darter dragonflies.

Found my way to Fiskerton station, and ran the 4 km into Southwell from here, sore knee and all. My old school is now a building site on top of a wonderful archaeological find, a possible temple to Sulis. So long since I've been to Southwell, and I was there hardly any time at all, as I had a bus to catch.

Kelham Track

Path to nowhere

Not very helpful

Can you spot the grey partridge?

More unhelpful signs

Cows on the herd

A617 farm

View 1

View 2

View 3

Style of genius

Old Upton map. No help to me

Upton church

12th Green, Rolleston Gold Course

Southwell races stalls

Fiskerton railway station. About 4 miles off course now.

Southwell is where Bramley apples come from

This is my old school

Minster 1

Minster 2

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  1. It looks a lovely run - I've lost count of the number of times I've got lost when following public footpaths!! The stile on its own in the middle of a field did make me laugh!! :)