Monday 20 October 2014

First Autumnal Run of Autumn

Headed out on the Hawton-Farndon-Newark running route today for the first time in a while on a cold morning . This gave me an opportunity to try out my 2013 issue Aldi running top (£6.99 my fellow spendthrifts), which as expected isn't near breathable enough, but does keep the rain out. At least it isn't my cag in a bag, and it does dry out quickly enough inside and out.

The rain set in about halfway round, on the meadow reach of the river. On previous runs, the sky would be alive with hirundids, and butterflies and flowers would decorate the hedgerows and margins. No longer. We are at the time of year where a thousand shades of green dominates the countryside, and the mute swans have moved onto the land to munch the vegetation.

Mallard drakes are now resplendent in their post eclipse plumage, bottle green heads proud and lustrous once again. Workers have cleared large areas of himalayan balsam, and the Willow Holt tracks are now slippery with mud once again. The skies are a mottled grey, and the wind gusts through the willows.

However mild it is, this is definitely autumn once again.

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