Tuesday 14 October 2014

The Prince Rupert Spider and other Oddments

My eyes are open, even at the pub at 1130pm on a not terribly nice night. This Prince Rupert spider is a handsome specimen, no idea what it is, but it is well marked.

I wonder what it thinks, as it hangs largely unnoticed in its web, watching the people laughing and talking and arguing, pouring brown liquid down their necks.

Those silly two legs! Eight legs are the superior.

Elsewhere autumn sights and colours are becoming predominant, but summer life hangs on, reinvigorated for a short time with each late warm spell.

Hanging on a watching brief

Tussock moth caterpillar in the Sconce old wood

Bright berries

Ivy flowers one of few sources of nourishment still remaining

Squirrel and a very Masonic looking gravestone

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