Wednesday 22 October 2014

Gale Force Running

I was avoiding the weather yesterday...sat in the library studying World War 1 aviation while the hale tried to batter the grass of the earth, curling under the duvet while watching the new neighbours' gardening stuff being blown all over my own little postage stamp of a yard.

In the end I felt guilty. Goddamit, I would force myself out, and try and do a 5km at any rate!

The howling North-Westerly did not make it easy. Any thoughts of blitzing round my "original" short course - essentially a triangular circuit via Northgate Station and the Navigation Inn - in less than 23 minutes quickly went out the window as my first few forward strides resulted in me going nowehere, looking like a third division mime artist.

When I did get going, I found that my Aldi running jacket far more suitable to windier weather and lower temperatures; it did actually seem pretty windproof, and the "support socks" are ok as well, although this is probably due to them being artifical rather than cotton. I did take so long to catch onto that rule.

There were no insects on view, unsurpsingly, and the few birds tended to be gulls hanging gracefully in the breeze, making my own untattractive struggles seem utterly futile.

Dead leaves occasionally whipped my face, but I didn't care. As long as my hands aren't cold and my feet aren't wet, I enjoy the challenge of exercising in bad weather. The fast moving air feels refreshing on your face, and there is a sense of determined purpose you don't often get from fair weather exercising. It is free. It is freedom.

I want more.

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