Sunday 19 October 2014

Trip to Saltmarsh-Theddleford Dunes

A rare trip further afield today, as I managed to hitch a ride to the Lincolnshire coast and enjoy a long walk in sea air.

Or rather I was dumped by my parents while they went for a sit at Sutton on Sea, while I, abandoned in a land I did not now, tried to make my way across to them.

My walk started at Rimac, the curiously industrially named area of Saltmarsh-Theddlethorpe Dunes where a ship of that title was wrecked in the 1800s. The walk to the sea - seemingly 5 miles out at this point, was not recommended by a passer by, and so I instead set off among the dunes, past little ponds and odd little clumps of late flowers amidst the hawthorn and brutally spiny sea buckthorn.

The notice boards said insect life was in short supply now, and indeed I only saw a couple of red admirals and a small tortoiseshell, but there were a lot of common darters still on the wing. Above me three echelons of pink footed geese sailed high overhead emitting their honks, much higher pitched than the canada geese calls I'm used to. But there weren't many birds in the dunes, aside from a few birds popping out of the long grass to make no headway into the strong wind - meadow pipits possibly.

The route was occasionally difficult, but it was a fabulous day for walking.

Eventually, past Theddlethorpe, the dune path runs out and you are forced out on to to marshy margins of the beach. Initially the golden sands are a long way off, but eventually the marshy margins run out and you find yourself on a vast sandy expanse peppered with the odd black backed gull (sadly, no wading birds), and with a flood tide limit of crushed razor shells and plastic human detritus, a problem that seemed to increase as I neared Mablethorpe.

Eventually I baled out of the beach, and found myself at a real "Kiss me quick, squeeze me slowly" part of Mablethorpe North End. This, however, was nothing compared to the town centre, which was Skegness like in its awfulness. Luckily we just drove through there.

We made our way to Huttoft, where a solitary pale wader skimmed the waves - a sanderling possibly - and I rescued a stranded, flapping whiting, before rewarding myself with an utterly superior mint choc chip 99!

What a splendid day!

Rimic info board

The salt marsh

Sea Buckthorn, as eaten by Ray Mears

Viper bugloss - what a fab name for a plant

Pretty in pink (but unknown)


A high dune

Marsh creek

Female common darter

Further along

Warning of possible sudden death

Strip of golden sand

Stubble burning

Sandy expanse

WW2 pill box

Crook Bank board

Razer shells

Pretty shell, Huttoft

Another pill box

Looking back on my footprints

Mablethorpe North End

The horrors of Mablethorpe

Scott Mills on Strictly dropped his shell

The whiting I rescued

Razor shell

Chilled out fishing

Fishing in front of the huge offshore wind farm


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