Sunday 5 October 2014

Life is Still Hanging on in in Newark

Today has been a glorious autumn day, almost like spring in reverse.

Bees and butterflies, wasps and hoverfly, have all been on the wing today. I've been on my decidely non Mercury winged running shoes, and also on my backside on a chair at Rumbles cafe. This area acts as a suntrap on fine days, and the butterflies I had rather given up on have been getting a final gulp of nourishment from the remaining flowers.

Ivy, in particular, is a lifeline at the moment for the remaining bees and wasps, its emerging strongly smelling flowers attracting insects from a wide area. Indeed, I think the one lurking in my drive way has a wasps' nest in it somewhere, judging by the fearsome buzzing sound within.

As long as it stays out there, and not in my roof as happened a few years ago...

Delighted to see the first small tortoiseshell in the rumbles flowerbed

On a dandelion

Close up tortie

Small copper hanging on in

Small copper on ragwort

Common or striped carder, I think

It loved this plant

Still struggle with focus

Hoverfly on my bicycle

Bee on ivy

Beware wasp!

Kite flying in the evening wind

One up one down

A beautiful evening

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