Thursday 16 October 2014

Kilton Raptor Rescue and More of their Wonderful Birds

Posting these pictures has somehow slipped my mind amidst very busy times. But a couple of weeks or so ago, the folk at Kilton Raptor Rescue brought their birds of prey to Newark market square once again.

The fabulous and huge eagle owl was a crowd favourite, and despite his fierce expression he adored having his head scritched.

What's over there?

Intellectual poise

Those eyes...

Deadly talons

What was also noticeable was how on a windy day, the buzzard and red tailed hawk would outstretch their wings and 'soar' while sitting on their perches.

Soaring without flying

Red tailed hawk feels the breeze

Also on view were a barn owl, tawny owl and peregrine falcon.

Peregrine gets a fussing

Barn own hunched

I hope people enjoyed the chance to get close to these birds; who knows, with raptor persecution seemingly on the increase again, how long these majestic birds will lord it over British skies?

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