Tuesday 28 October 2014

From Nowhere came the Newark Sun

This morning was just beautiful. I woke to a glacier blue clear sky, and trees rustling with the wind. I figured it would be chilly - it was pre 9am - and got my windproof jacket on.

Within 5 minutes of running, I was sweltered and had to tie the wretched thing around my waist like a playground urchin.

It was beautiful. I did the tour of the two lakes before heading to the sconce for tea. It was so warm, red admirals and peacocks were flying, and under the Trent bridge, I was delighted to encounter a migrant hawker.

I tried fruitlessly to get it to alight on my finger. Naive, and pointless.

I think today was all about the light. A low sun makes for beautiful images.

Sun dappled cemetery

The path ahead

Hello Mr squirrel

Sunlit Balderton Lake

Stunning colours on the N64 cycle path

Marina bridge

Very tired red tailed bumblebee queen. Note the mite

Watched from across the Devon

Honey bees were out on the library lavender

Sun worshipping harlequin ladybird

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