Tuesday 30 September 2014

Creatures of the Newark Night

I'm sure I've written in the past few days of an increasing autumnal chill, and certainly the clear nights have been very cold, and the Saturday morning Parkrun had a bitterly cold start.

But the last couple of nights the cloud has drawn in, and the conditions have been stifling. Sleeping has been difficult, and for some, the thought of Daddy Long Legs flapping around their faces in the dark - this is their peak season - must have made sleeping rather tricky.

But what these warm conditions have meant is that after a quiet couple weeks, there are moths back on the scene again. it would appear. Of course, the hawk moths are long gone, and the large yellow underwings so common a month ago also seem to have taken their leave. Now, more autumnal species are on patrol, and making excellent photographic subjects.

Also present too, rather late in the year, are lacewings, the handy aphid eater of urban gardens.

Common marbled carpet

Willow beauty in the bathroom

Pale brown apple moth in the kitchen

Late season lacewing

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