Monday, 15 September 2014

Lincoln Asylum 2014 - Wacky Race Fun

Note, I am now able to decorate the title with the correct name, but this is more Lincoln Steam punk fun, coming now from the Castle grounds. The highlight of the afternoon's programme was the Wacky Races at 2pm, which involved two penny farthings versus a tricked out Steampunk trike and boy in a roadster. I suspect a little non-malicious cheating went on resulting in the little boy winning, but from my vantage point I had no idea.

The next major task was getting hold of a cup of tea, which turned out to be a very lengthy process for the overstretched staff at the stand as they nursemaided a temperamental coffee machine that sounded more Steampunk than anything else I'd heard up to that point. Frankly, with so many of the participants wearing more brass and copper than the Titanic, I'm surprises that they couldn't have whipped up rudimentary boiler or kettle in the time it took me to get a cuppa.

I then did a tour of the stalls, surrounded by these fantastic looking folk wearing get up that must have cost the veritable astronomicals in terms of cash and man hours. I so wanted to hunt down some nice jackets and waistcoats, alas no joy with my cashflow so I restricted myself to buying some prints.

I was disappointed not to find more literature or artwork, but this is more due to the fact I had to hurry for the train and didn't know where to look rather than the fault of the event, I suspect. I would have happily stayed into the evening and attempted to chat to a few of the folk in the pubs and tea shops of Lincoln, and next year, I will try and get over for more than one day.

Overly baggy trousers, perchance?

Meta 2 - More Steampunk on Steampunks photography

Mega blaster thing

Wacky and highly unstable trike

Junior roadster

Tour de Retro

Looks a mite unsteady to me, Sir!

There couldn't have been a pheasant or peacock with an intact tail within fifty miles of the event

More hattery


Can you spot the nautical hat this time

Dark doings

Magnum time

Beards and civility

A study in scarlet

Orange and tweed

In case of laughter, remove mask

A whiff of danger

Taking the pith

Girl has cannon

A most striking pair

What shall she say when she's older?

Steampunk high tea

Back is turned

Ninja punk

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