Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Steampunk Gadgets of Lincoln Asylum 2014

Here, just a final round up of some of the weird and wonderful gizmos and mechanical fancies on view at Lincoln Asylum 2014. The amount of time and creativity, and bits of household appliances Matt Irvine style, that go into the "accessories" is fantastic, and makes my clutzy dyspraxic hands feel very jealous.

Here endeth my coverage of Asylum 2014, hopefully the event, and myself, will return in 2015 and I can spare three days to really get more involved.

*rushes off to write more science fiction*

Let go on steep hill,  and a 100mph wreck might have been in prospect

Hats and goggles. The esentials

Guns large and small

Charity shop ephemera

Steampunk dragonfly

On a larger scale, a horse and carriage

I think that's a vegetable strainer at the bottom there

Rocket ships

Once again, the musical hat

The horny box of curiosities

The antique shops wanted in on the action

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