Thursday 2 August 2012

Long Run to Willow Holt

Thought I'd written Logan'sRun in that header. Must be going mad.

Headed out to Hawton first, and watched the swallows carving the air millimetres above the ripening wheat on the road to Farndon, and a kestrel launching from a tree next to the road.

I love Willow Holt. I'd love it even more if I was walking through it or sitting in it with a bottle of wine and a pretty girl, rather than as scudding through it as part of a ten and a half mile run or so. The Notts Wildlife Trust folk have gotten rid of a lot of the Himalayan Balsam pest, but the orchidy, triffidy pink flowers are still evident along the river, as are a fair few chaffinches. It was a dull day, but a few Banded Demoiselles were about, and another couple of the dull bronzey looking big dragonflies, maybe Brown Hawkers.

Lots of  little brown birds caught glimpse of in the corn fields.

I love the river runs. I love looking at the river's peaceful surface, disturbed only by the weir patrolled by herons and cormorants.

I always make a point of waving at the boats. Always.

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