Sunday 26 August 2012

Baby Moorhens

They always seem to have a late brood, the local moorhen population. A few days ago, I saw a family of these black feathery pom poms with comedy feet by the windmill on the Trent coming back in from Farndon.

And again on the London Road lake, there's a late family of four moorhen chicks, who are bloody difficult to photograph, I ran past them today, and the Great Crested Grebe family too, diving away as the rain turned to sun and back again in the space of ten minutes.

Other latecomers are The Red Admirals - always the last butterfly to show their antennad faces, there are now plenty on the wing, to go with the last throes of the dragonflies, as summer ends and the berries decorate the bushes warning of colder weather

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