Saturday 4 August 2012

Naughty Bumble Bees

Today's run was a total washout. The sun was out when I started and hardly a cloud in the sky; within 5 minutes I was getting pelted with rain and hail.

On my wall, a Queen Bumble Bee was being mated by a small male. He was taking his time, for which I hardly blame him as the end of sexual activity results in his own death. The thing that intrigued me, was that the Queen was a big black bee with a red tail, and the male was the standard buff tailed model.

I photographed them. I presume they are actually of the same species, but it did look odd. Wonder if interspecies mating does take place?

The weather was so atrocious, didn't see a single other living thing. A dead toad on clay lane doesn't count.

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