Sunday 19 August 2012

Good weather for Dragonflies

Running last three days, first day the full length of Clay Lane route on a dull day, the second was out to Willow Holt and back all along the river, and today was a few laps of a cricket pitch then along the river.

Willow Holt was a great trip. It was really really hot, so progress was slow, but before I even got there spotted a lovely Comma on a Buddlieah, however it didn't oblige me for a photograph. Lots of Peacocks and Whites about as well. Not so much in the Holt meadows though, as previously noted the Ringlets are over. There's still a few meadow browns about, and Peacocks are becoming more and more numerous as summer goes on.

Blackberries are coming through...I vow I will collect some for my folks this year. Got to be quick to get the juiciest, cleanest, non peed on ones though!

All along the river, which as ever this time of year looks cool and inviting, and enlivened by the narrowboats and cabin cruisers that I wish I had.

And the dragonflies are about in great numbers. Down by the water, the Banded Demoiselles dance, choreographed in metallic blue. In the woods, a rather non descript smallish brown dragonfly sat upon a leaf and let me have a really good look - female Common Darter came to mind, but I'm sure they are yellowier.

And the hawkers buzz you all the way along the river path. Never got a good close look at any of them, but I'm guessing it was the Southerns, Browns and Commons that I think comprise the majority of the big dragonfly population round here.

I wish I was better a spotting them and photographing them - the small damsels are often quite obliging, but the Hawkers, no chance! They hardly ever seem to settle! I love them though, these steampunk bio machines of the warm blue skies...

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