Thursday 2 August 2012

Today in Butterfly Land

Today's run took me past London Road Lake, where the Grebe family lookss like it's lost a member alas and huge swan droppings still have to be avoided by the dilligent runner.

Clay Lane is overgrown to hell, still very boggy, and brambles snagging your legs everywhere. Machete job in some places. Speckled Wood butterfly, and a few gatekeepers, looking as ever like Dart Flights.

But Beacon Hill park was filled with butterflies, chiefly Ringlets, Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers amongst the thistles and groundselly stuff in the nursery area. An awful lot of them! An awful load of them. Every step I took seemed to scare up two or three butterflies!

But not in the butterfly park, where the Buddleiahs are in full bloom but the Peacocks, Admirals, Commas and Painted Ladies are not. Lots of honeybees and bumble bees feeding. Watched them rubbing the pollen on their legs. Trying to take pictures.

And then I carried on along the river, loving more boats, and watching a rather chubby looking black headed gull by the locks. Lovely run. Lovely day.

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