Thursday 23 August 2012

I Urge You to Visit Butterfly Park

If you happen to be up on Beacon Hill ways, perhaps having just had a refreshing fight round the pub, or an encounter with ghosts in a town centre cellar and are looking for something different to do, just have a little wander into Beacon Hill Nature Reserve (one entrace just after Playschool om Beacon Hill, another a mile further along, one off industrial estate opposite Everyday and go and have a look at the butterflies.

Yes, it's that odd time of the year when for some reason the Buddleiahs by the funny steampunk gas substation have just the right amount of nectar, sugar, or whatever it is, to attract butterflies in huge numbers. A week ago there was barely a butterfly on the flowers, a couple of days ago there were large numers of Peacocks and Red Admirals drinking from the purple, and white blossoms, trying hard to ignore the sweating jogging idiot showing a mobile phone camera up their backsides.

The Buddleiahs were alive with wings of coloured velvet, and for some reason even the ground was busy with Meadow Browns - in a part of the reserve you don't normally see them, with their varied orange brown through mouse to dark wings with a little dark eyes on them. There's all manner of little day flying moths here too, and the Birds Foot Trefoil still just about hangs on low to the ground, yellow and gold.

Just have a little look! A nature reserve next to the industrial estate, and most of you have no damn idea! And soon there might be lots of blackberries too!

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