Friday 10 August 2012

Hot Weather! Ha, it worries me not!

Ran to Willow Holt 09/08/12, the long way, heading through Hawton village first on a glorious hot morning. As I arrived in Willow Holt, going through the fields from Wyke Lane, I noticed there weren't any Butteflies in the meadows.

Sad. Must mean summer is coming to an end! Ringlets are gone, I've noticed in general.

However, along the river, many dragonflies were in view. Brown Hawker, well I'd already photographed one of these squashed on the road near Hawton, but live ones with glittering Bronze Wings were seen in large numbers. Few Southern Hawkers, and I think I copped a sighting of a Common Hawker at one point! Broad bodied chasers were also about, and Banded Demoiselles were everywhere.

Beautiful things. I'd rather have a beautiful Damsel, but a Demoiselle runs it close, glittering metallic blue bodies, ultra marine splotches on their wings. Three of them were given the dowdier female a long chase along the calm river.

A lovely day, ruined by me being stupid enough to run ten miles in it.

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