Friday 3 August 2012

Another tour of the Two Lakes

My shoulder hurts with tourette twitching, but I did 10k round the two lakes today.

Balderton Lake, which has lost it's swans due to fishing line and RSPB removals according to the Newark Advertiser - the article mentioned that poaching has also been taking place - was busy with Canada Geese and I think a few of their goslings. A couple of swallows were skimming the water surface, they are such expert and daring low level flyers.

Soon they will be "Fllllyyyyying for Eeeeeeeggggpyt"

Solitary Great Crested Grebe. Few mallards and hybrids. Nothing earth shattering, oh no.

London Road lake, a GC Grebe chick seemed to have gone missing, but in its stead a few coot chicks seem to have appeared. The banks are lush, you can barely see the water. It's a lovely spot really, but there has been poaching here too. Overnight fishing lines left in. Ah well.

River covered in boats to die for. Damn I wish I had one. Then this would be a mobile blog. I'd be like Rosie and Jim without the bloody puppets. And a lot less creepy too.

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