Thursday 26 July 2012

Nature Update much to write about!

Tuesday, did Langford in the morning - the reed bed hot and sultry and quiet  - Lapwing colonies and a lot of Common Terns about too. A songbird was making a hell of a froggish rasping noise behind me at  one point, saw a warblerish looking bird with a very pale underside seemingly responsible - some sort of Whitethroat?

Many Common Blue and Blue Tailed damselflies on site, not so many dragonflies though. But as I left, there were a couple of large browny looking specimens about, maybe brown hawkers, no idea!

I've done a lot of running through Willow Holt and Beacon Hill, many Ringlets, Meadow Browns and Gatekeeper butterflies, Swifts still about, often screeching about down Millgate. Not many swallows compared to other years.

The weather is gorgeous. Will probably head to Langford again if it holds.

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