Thursday 26 July 2012

Astronomical Observations

Oh my poor blog, how I have neglected thee. Well, I've been a busy boy.

The weather has been superb this week, I have been out all of the days, and outside a lot of the nights. The milky way has been visible from my little urban "observatory" - I bet you can't take rum up Mount Palomar, and although not quite good enough to see the Cygnus Rift well, I've had lovely views of Messier 39, The Perseus Double Cluster, Messier 31, Messier 15, Messier 34 - I know, winter sights are back with us - The Mirfak Cluster, Messier 71, possibly Messier 56, Messier 13, possibly Messier 52 and the other in Cassiopeia. Messier 11 and other clusters unknown in Scutum. Ophiuchus Clusters

And the Milyway from Aquila to Auriga! More stars dripping off the surface of the sky, filling every bit of binocular field of view with glitter. Patti Smith sang in a song "It seemed that the sky was made of butter as the stars started to slip." I could see what she meant.

But the news is I confirmed La Superba on one of these clear nights! It is indeed such a deep red it is actually a pinky crimson under our sulphurous skies, and yes I had seen it before but not under good enough skies to get a real sense of colour.

Still think Mu Cepheii the garnet star is more dramatic though!

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